The Foxx Agency

The Foxx Agency is a collection of four romantic shorts, featuring all of the workplace drama you've probably experienced and a little bit that you hopefully haven't.

The best parts of Mel & Dre’s work days involve each other, but they haven’t acknowledged it.

Destin and Nyah are a match made through text messages, but only one person knows the true identity of the other. 

Perry is trying to keep his relationship with Zara intact, but one coworker is hellbent on doing whatever possible to break them up. 

Jalen doesn’t want to work with the woman who once made him her side piece. Vanessa has big plans, which don’t include rekindling a romance.

At 225 Tiffany Avenue, clients show up for branding that’ll shine and expect to see a profit. But the employees are miserable and the drama never ends.

Welcome to The Foxx Agency.